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12 Volt Leisure Battery Facts, Which One Do I Need?

  • Date: August 23, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

A 12v leisure battery is the power source for the 12v appliances in a caravan or motorhome. These batteries are designed to provide a stable level of power over a prolonged period of time. These 12v leisure batteries are used by the lights, T.V, kettle, and similar appliances. You need to calculate how much DC power you need by adding the DC draw from each of the devices you will be using in your motorhome or campervan.

Besides powering the appliances, the 12v leisure battery also has a secondary function. This function is to check and rectify any irregularities in the power supply while keeping you and your electrical appliances safe. Here are some benefits of using the correct 12v leisure battery

  • Leisure batteries meet the demands of the basic level to mid-range applications. 
  • Leisure batteries have great durability due to new developments in micro-hybrid automotive technology.
  • The design of these batteries focuses more on cyclic durability, in stead of cold cranking hours, where the plate count and the plate surface area are optimized to provide high cranking capabilities for starting a vehicle.

Safety Measures to Follow While Using 12v Leisure Battery

As the lead-acid leisure batteries are flammable and have the corrosive properties of the acid within, proper safety measures must be followed while using them to ensure safety. Some of these significant safety measures are given as follows:

  • Make sure that the battery is securely installed in a sealed container with the gas escape vent correctly fitted.
  • Make sure you wear safety clothing and eye equipment while inspecting a 12v leisure battery.
  • ALWAYS use the correct fuse sizes for your cable and appliances
  • High-quality clamps must always be used for connecting a leisure battery to prevent any sparks from occurring and causing the fire. Avoid using Crocodile clips as they are not suitable for permanent connections.

There Are Four Common Types Of Leisure Battery

Best 12 Volt Leisure Batteries

There are many 12v leisure batteries available in the market but only a few of them are the best for use. Here, some of the best 12v leisure batteries are given:

  1. SuperBatt 12 Volts LM110 Deep Cycle Leisure Battery

The very first one is the Deep Cycle 12 volts leisure battery by SuperBatt. This leisure battery is designed to meet all the high standard demands. 

  • It has been designed with an Advance Calcium Technology (ACT) due to which these leisure batteries are more robust and durable and require next to no maintenance.
  • It has a 110AH amp hour rating
  1. SuperBatt 12 Volts 85AH Leisure Battery

This leisure battery is the same as the previous one but the only difference between them is the amp hour rating.

  • It is designed to meet high-quality specifications and standards. Advance Calcium Technology is been used to develop these leisure batteries which ensures durability and robustness and requires minimum to no maintenance.
  • It has an 85AH amp hour rating
  • It is known as a dual-purpose battery as it can perform the functionality of both a starter battery and an auxiliary battery.
  1. Powerline Leisure Battery

It is also one of the best 12V leisure batteries and is developed by a well-known band, Powerline. 

  • It has great reliability and provides a long-lasting amount of power.
  • It has a 45 AH amp hour rating
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