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40 Essential Accessories For Your Off-Grid Tiny Home

  • Date: August 23, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Travis has always been a bit of an explorer. He likes to take the road less traveled, and he had done it many times before in his previous van. However, now that he’s settling down with his girlfriend and wants to start living full-time off-grid, he wanted some advice on what appliances aand accessories he would need to convert his step van into a small live-aboard tiny home.

Living off the grid in a Tiny Home can be a rewarding experience.

However, it is not without its challenges. One of the most difficult parts of living off-grid is figuring out what appliances to use and how to get power for them. Travis used this blog post to help find all of the necessary accessories that he needed in order to live comfortably without access to an electrical outlet or nearby city electricity service.

He was starting from scratch, so he decided to look for 40 essential accessories for his Tiny House which he needed for this kind of lifestyle change, he realized that there isn’t anything out there specifically made for people who want this lifestyle type of conversion. With the help of friends online as well as some DIY work himself (and a lot more research), Travis successfully converted a trailer into a tiny home on wheels, here are 40 of his favourite buys.

  1. Sealed hardwood flooring covered with waterproof high-grade Non-Slip vinyl, various color options available
  2. Closed-cell ceiling and wall insulation, eco-friendly options are available
  3. Roof cladding for added protection and esthetics, use lightweight option when available.
  4. Ceiling downlight lamps create a smooth warm light throughout your van
  5. 12v charging ports and 5v USB device ports are a must for full-timers
  6. First Aid Kit – general outdoor use
  7. Elevating Roof and Roof Bed or a High Top Roof.
  8. LPG 2 Burner Gas Hob
  9. Dometic LPG oven unit
  10. SMEV Sink with matching smoked glass lid
  11. 12v electronic regulator tap
  12. 12v water heater
  13. 30 Gallon RV Fresh/Gray Water Tank
  14. Electronic Water Level Gauge
  15. Shurflo 8000-543-238 On Demand 12VDC Diaphragm Pump
  16. Portable Camping Toilet or composting loo
  17. 12v Pure Sinewave Inverter – safe clean converted energy for sensitive electrical appliances
  18. Compressor Fridge/Freezer.
  19. 12v low output digital TV system
  20. Mobile internet MIFI Router
  21. Carbon Monoxide Detector
  22. Smoke Detector
  23. Combination PowerPoints, USB, 12 Volt, 240 Volt.
  24. Gas Storage Cupboard with Tank Strap.
  25. Mains Electric Hook up with Electric sockets
  26. 12v leisure battery charging system
  27. Additional LED overhead locker and closet lighting.
  28. Lined black-out blinds fully insulated throughout.
  29. External Camping Awning
  30. Maxx ceiling fan
  31. Fire extinguisher 12-volt and 240v capability
  32. Fire blanket
  33. 12v Fan – air distribution
  34. Folding Solar Panels to capture more solar energy
  35. First aid kit with CPR mask
  36. the solar-powered water pump is also an option to conserve battery power when boondocking
  37. Petrol or diesel Inverter Generator for occasional use in emergencies
  38. Water purification system
  39. Diesel heater for additional or backup warmth
  40. Dehumidifier to help prevent damp

When Travis had finished turning the trailer into his tiny home on wheels, he got so excited and wanted to show off all of the work he put into it and to start his US adventure with his girlfriend. They were going to live the off-grid lifestyle and find a small plot of land and develop a smallholding. From there he could enjoy nature, hiking to remote places, camping under the stars – a completely new life for them both!

With all of the care he put into making their future home feel like a home, there was no way she couldn’t see how much love he put into this place! They were going to live an adventure every day – with hiking and camping trips planned right away as soon as they had planted fruit, vegetables rape-seeded the rest of their land.

The first few weeks were amazing. Travis loved showing off their little off-grid tiny home when out hiking and camping, making friends at local bars they came across while surveying their surrounding area, or when they made friends while camping with a “come check this out!” as they found campgrounds near by filled with like-minded people ready for an amazing adventure.

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