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Best US Road Trips In A RV Motorhome 2021

  • Date: August 12, 2021
  • Time to read: 9 min.

Here are some of the best fun, adventurous and educational US road trips to take from coast-to-coast, as well as tips on how to plan your trip and what you need to know before leaving home.

Recreational vehicles and travel trailers are used all over the world for camping, vacations, tailgating and other fun times on wheels. The United States has some passionate fans of recreational vehicles, so it came as no surprise when we started receiving requests to create a list about US RV road trips. We have been working hard to collect US RV road trip information from various sources and even put RV road trips into our online us local roads map. Once you are ready to hit the open us highways with your US mobile home or US fifth wheel, be sure that you understand safety concerns around the country, fees and regulations for US RV travel, plus what US state parks have RV hookups.

This article highlights the best iconic US RV road trips that everyone loves to take. Although these US RV trip ideas are not exhaustive, they give RV travelers a lot of travel options and RV ideas for places to visit in the USA.

Here is our list of top US RV road trip destinations:

Pacific Coast Highway ( us Hwy u201C Highway 1u201D )

Just imagine cruising along California’s Pacific Coastline from San Diego to San Francisco! Or seeing the beautiful sights on a bicycle ride? This legendary coastal highway runs through eight counties and winds along scenic cliffs, beaches, mountains and redwood forests—and yes, there are plenty of stops at wineries as well.

Route 66 ( us Hwy u201C Sixth Avenueu 201D )

Route 66 is the quintessential US RV road trip for travelers, although it has been replaced by us Highway 40 in some places. This historic highway includes exciting stops at many road-side attractions like The World’s Largest Truck Stop in Amarillo; Cadillac Ranch in Texas, which features 10 Cadillacs buried nose-first into an earthwork; and many more interesting attractions along the way to Santa Monica, California—just be sure you have plenty of time to enjoy them!

Pacific Coast Scenic Byway 12 ( Hwy 12 )

Pacific Coast Scenic Byway 12 is a coastal route that runs through some of the USA’s most rugged and beautiful terrain, from Highway 101 in Brookings near the California border to us Highway 101 at the Oregon state line. Highlights include Highway 101 through scenic Klamath Falls; the historic Bayfront District in Eureka, California; coastal scenery around Arcata and Crescent City (where us Hwy 12 merges with us Highway 199); and more. 4. Tail of the Dragon.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is an immensely popular driving route that snakes through nearly 500 miles of mountainous Appalachia. Visitors can enjoy the serenity and solitude offered by this iconic American landmark while also enjoying its many RV-friendly amenities, making it a great choice for new RVers looking to explore America’s heartland. During summer months you will find heavy traffic in certain areas but there are plenty of pull-offs so people can stop anytime they want to take pictures or have lunch on the side!

Columbia River Highway

The Columbia River Highway is the perfect RV trip for those in search of an outdoor adventure. The 1,150-mile scenic drive begins near Portland and continues alongside the renowned Columbia River Gorge. Throughout your journey, you’ll find plenty of campgrounds to stay at as well as many points of interest from dense forests to majestic waterfalls that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired after just one grand journey along this wondrous route!

Upper East Tennessee River Valley (us Hwy 129)

If you’re up for a little adventurous us RV journey on some of USA’s country back roads, then head south on us Route 129 along Tennessee’s Upper East Tennessee River Valley. The Tail of the Dragon is an approximately 18-mile stretch that has been exhilarating road-trippers since 1987—it gets its name from us 129’s sharp curves, 318 turns, and a Shenandoah Apple Orchard that has the infamous ” Tail of the Dragon u201C painted on their barn wall. The USA’s largest (and best) motorcycle museum is just down us Route 129 in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

Historic New England

There is so much to see in New England, it’s hard not to want to take the time and go on an RV trip. Maine has its natural wonders as well as historic sites like Portsmouth NH which was founded by a group of settlers from Cape Cod that was seeking greater religious freedom than they had found at home. Vermont offers some spectacular views with rolling hills and mountains while Massachusetts features the sights of Boston including Fenway Park where you can tour America’s oldest ballpark! If you have extra days or weeks, consider taking your trip further north into Quebec Canada where Montreal awaits for those looking for French food combined with old-world architecture and Quebec City if are interested in exploring ancient cultures through their art museums

Natchez Trace Parkway ( us Hwy 444 )

The Natchez Trace Parkway runs for 444 miles through eight states—from us Highway 80 at Nashville all the way to Highway 90 outside Natchez in Mississippi. Along this RV road trip route, you’ll find attractions like Chucalissa Indian Village Archaeological Site in Memphis; Tennessee’s first state park, Fall Creek Falls State Park; us National Cemetery in Vicksburg, Mississippi; USA’s oldest city, Mobile, Alabama. Be sure to take a road trip along Natchez Trace Parkway soon—this us national parkway is known as us Highway 80.

Highway 12 Scenic Byway ( Hwy 12 )

Highway 12 runs through some of the USA’s most alluring lands and makes for an ideal RV road trip from Portland to Seattle. Take your time exploring the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge; view the impressive Cascades and breathe in their beauty! Or stop by us Mt. Saint Helens, which erupted violently on May 18, 1980, and is now one of the USA’s most impressive volcanic sites. An RV road trip route that truly rewards us, travelers!

Yellowstone National Park and the Rockies

Yellowstone National Park cradles some of America’s most spectacular natural wonders yet it remains underappreciated as one of our country’s premier vacation destinations because people often turn their noses up at camping or roughing it outdoors—and who can blame them? Spending time amid Yellowstone’s towering mountains and crystal lakes has been known to change lives forever with its stunning beauty while also

The Great Lakes Region

A Great Lakes road trip is an experience to be remembered. To get a taste of this, I found myself packing my surfboard and heading towards the Upper Michigan peninsula where there are plenty of beaches in which you can make use of your board! For those who plan on using their RV’s for travelling around the lakes region, it would not go amiss if they packed watersports equipment such as paddleboards or even kayaks too because some beaches have great waves that could suit any wave rider out there!

A person should look forward to exploring new parts of America with planned trips through Chicago into Wisconsin along Lake Superior before looping back down south following other rivers like the Mississippi River into Louisiana near New Orleans. Doing so provides time away from city living

US 15 Heritage Corridor ( Hwy 15 )

This US RV road trip route runs from us Highway 10 in us Lake Tahoe area through us Reservoir State Park; the USA’s first national park, us Yellowstone National Park; us Rocky Mountain National Park; and more! Here, you can take the Grizzly bears to their natural home at us Yellowstone National Park.

Route 66 Scenic Byway ( us Hwy 40 )

When USA travel writer John Steinbeck wrote about us Route 66 in _The Grapes of Wrath,_ he did us all a service—he popularized Route 66 and made it the most famous road trip route. The flatlands are home to some of the USA’s biggest attractions, such as us Grand Canyon National Park; Meteor Crater; Painted Desert; Petrified Forest National Park; and more!

If you want to take the ultimate cross-country road trip, Route 66 should be your destination. From Chicago Illinois, all the way down to Southern California in southern California, this long and winding route features prominently in folk Americana fiction for over 60 years with movies, novels, and music playing a huge role. If you’re interested in tackling it on an RV make sure that you plan ahead because there’s no telling how many days of driving await!

Big Sur Coastal Highway

The Big Sur Coastal Highway is a true gem for those looking to experience expansive ocean vistas. The route travels along the central coast of California, making it a great choice if you are interested in making a trip between tourist-friendly urban centers in Northern and Southern California.

Desert Southwest

The American Southwest is an incredibly scenic landscape worth exploring in an RV. Though the region contains famous parks like the Grand Canyon National Park and Zion National Park, don’t forget to explore thriving urban centers of the Southwest, such as Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is renowned for its pueblo-style Native American architecture and vibrant creative arts scene.

Southeastern Seaboard

The Southeastern Coast of the USA is in many ways the Southern analogue of a New England RV trip — though perhaps not as popular among RVers as classic road trips to Yellowstone and along the Big Sur Highway, the diverse landscapes and cities of the Southeast certainly make it a memorable trip. For your route, hugging the coast from Virginia down through the Carolinas (stopping at Virginia and Myrtle Beaches), then stop in Savannah to explore a city steeped in Southern history and culture.

New Orleans and the Gulf Coast

New Orleans has experienced a stunning revival over the latter half of the past decade. Though it is not commonly seen as an RV destination, a route through the Gulf Coast region makes for an excellent RV road trip. The Gulf Coast itself — and its beach tourism infrastructure — has seen a substantial and sustained tourism drop-off in recent years due to media coverage of oil spills, so it’s a good choice for RVers on a strict budget.

Diversify and Try One Of These “Out of the Box” RV Road Trip Ideas:

There are many of us RV travel solutions and there are even more variations on them. Here we outline the most important RV trip planning considerations you should be aware of when planning your next big us RV road trip adventure. We also walk you through some important steps for coming up with an itinerary that will get your creative juices flowing.

Not all RV road trips and adventures have to be focused on boondocking, camping, hiking, and other exciting outdoor activities. More than ever before, Nomads, Motorhomers, and RVers are making use of their vehicles to go on non-traditional road trips. Consider the following out-of-the-box road trip ideas for aspiring nomads:

  • Plan an educational trip to historical civil-war battlefields across the country.
  • Plan a trip to a local farm food market
  • Lose your weekend attending a music festival.
  • Plan a culinary road trip and eat your way around the country. Make a list of the best restaurants you would like to visit across the country (or in certain regions of the country), and then travel and sample the food and drink at each restaurant on the list.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to planning a trip, you can do anything from visiting historical civil-war battlefields across the country, going on an educational farm food market tour in your area or just attending a music festival. Your options are vast and waiting for you to plan them out! For many though, travel isn’t all about sightseeing; what’s most important is where the next meal will come from. If that sounds like something of interest to you then we have some great news – there are plenty of culinary road trips available with delicious destinations around the country (or region) ready for sampling at each stop along the way. Just make sure before embarking on any type of RV adventure that you’ve made arrangements beforehand so as not to be disappointed or worse still, nowhere to park.

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