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Can You Live Permanently In An RV?

  • Date: September 13, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Yes, it is legal to live in an RV on your own land. Local zoning laws will have to be followed and adhered to. There may be some local ordinances that may govern how you use and access your land. The main objectives would be freshwater supply, grey and black water disposal.

So you’re thinking about living in an RV but are wondering if it’s legal. Can you really live in your RV full-time? Can you actually call the interior of your vehicle home?

The answer to both of these questions is “yes.”

It may not be practical for everyone, and there are certainly still some hurdles that need to be overcome when choosing to go this route with your life, but in many locations, it is 100 per cent legal to live in your camper or motorhome year-round.

Determining Factors

The biggest factors in determining whether or not this is possible usually lie within the city ordinances of the particular locality in question. Some cities want their residents connected to a specific address no matter where they live, while others have very lax laws on the books.

One of the main concerns for most people thinking about this idea is whether or not you can actually park your camper in a city.

Most cities have very strict ordinances regarding parking on private property, which of course includes parking lots, driveways and other residential areas of any kind.

While it’s true that you will likely need to find a more “rural” area to stay off of these types of properties, there are usually plenty of options available within even the largest cities.

Benefits RV’s have over Tiny Homes

One benefit that RVs offer over tiny homes is that they are large enough to function as actual dwellings rather than glorified campers or tents. This means one does not need to worry quite so much about potentially running out of space inside within a few weeks or months.

The size of an RV will vary depending upon which one you decide to purchase, but there are many available that are more than 400 square feet in total floor space.

This is enough for even the largest RVs, giving plenty of room for storage, furniture and other amenities that would normally be found within a traditional home.

If you’re having trouble finding an area to park your camper full-time where it’s legal to do so, there are ways around this issue.

The best thing you can do is invest some time into searching online for public lots or parking areas near your future place of residence that allow overnight parking on their property.

Parking Locations

Many churches and nonprofit organizations take donations from people who drive large campers and motorhomes, and this naturally includes allowing them to park on the property for a few nights at a time.

Even if you can’t find any public lots that allow overnight parking, there is likely going to be dozens of private organizations who will let you sleep in your camper on their lot if they think it will lead to more donations or volunteer hours down the line.

If you don’t mind staying within walking distance of where you work every day, another option would be taking advantage of an RV community located near your office building.

Many large cities now have high-rise buildings with hundreds or even thousands of employees working inside, which can mean several dozen RVs living within walking distance of each worker’s desk.

These communities tend to do quite well for their inhabitants, mainly because they provide security and other amenities to everyone who lives there.

This is something you could potentially pursue if the only parking lots near your office are privately owned or charge a fee to park there overnight.

Different Types Of RV Communities

There are literally hundreds of different types of RV communities located in cities all across America, so it’s possible to find one that will suit any lifestyle regardless of whether you work inside or outside the city limits.

If nothing else, these types of RV communities can be great places to meet friends and spend time with like-minded individuals until you can find something more permanent.

You Can Live Permanently In Your Camper – The Long And Short Of It

It may not seem like it at times when looking at RVs, but they are actual camper homes. These types of vehicles are not designed for temporary use like staying in a hotel every night, so it is entirely possible to live permanently in your RV.

One simply has to be careful about finding an area where this is legal, much the same as one would have to do if looking at buying a mobile home or other types of residence that can be towed around by another vehicle.

Final Thoughts

You Can Live Permanently In Your Camper – The trick is to find somewhere legal, safe and economically viable. Easy access to all facilities and amenities would also be very high on the list of the ideal off-grid park up locations.

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