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Nomad Travel & Nomad Lifestyle

Why become a nomad?

Every now and then, we get into a rut. We get bored with where we are at in our lives, what we’re doing for work, how much money we have in the bank; all of our variables shift. For me personally, leaving my job behind to travel full-time was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Here began my Nomad lifestyle and nomad travels.

You might be asking “But why? What does RV travel even mean?” It means living and traveling from your RV 365 days a year. No more complicated apartment leases or moving boxes across town every other month; just you and your RV roaming free through America experiencing whatever life throws at us next! 

This is not something that works out right away (or rather it doesn’t for most people, I know). It takes A LOT of planning ahead and saving money to live this lifestyle. But here is what RV travel means to me:

a chance to roll with the punches of life, so you don’t just “survive” it but absolutely thrive in every aspect.

We all have a story about how we ended up living RV life: getting laid off from work, financial issues at home with family or bills piling up; something like that sets off the spark. Sometimes RV travel is a lifelong dream we’ve always had. For others, RV travel happens because they realize their current situation isn’t creating happiness in their lives – and no job or paycheck will change that. 

For me, RV travel means a chance to create the life I want.  RV travel is freedom from the 9-to-5 routine. RV travel is about creating a lifestyle where you can live anywhere in America, and be happy doing it. RV travel means being healthy with low expenses and no stress of keeping up with the Joneses.

RV travel would mean more time with loved ones; RV living allows us to see them more frequently! RV living as opposed to staying at home would potentially let people work remotely or start their own online business (something I’m currently working on myself). RV living because we could do something else – go back to school for that degree we always wanted, take classes at the local community college, spend more time volunteering at the SPCA or Humane Society!

RV living means a great place to store our belongings and build equity in – RV loans allow us to purchase RVs using 0% interest for up to 5 years. RV living gives us an opportunity to travel the world without breaking the bank. RV travel is something we can do together as a family; RV vacations are cheaper than going on expensive vacations every year with your spouse and kids. RV camping allows me to go fishing, hiking, backpacking and kayaking when and where I want

I live in my RV full-time now because it gives me the freedom to move around based on my own schedule and pick up work where I please. RV living means that we do not have to be tied down by expensive property taxes and high utility bills.

RV moving is cheaper than buying a home, RV loans can help us get started on RV ownership for as little as $1,000 down! RV living allows us to be off-grid – no more paying for water or electric bills! RV travel would allow me the flexibility to work at my own pace when I want.

RV jobs are abundant (truck drivers, delivery drivers) RV living because it’s one of the few things in life you can look forward to every day. RV camping allows me the freedom and luxury of having a kitchen wherever we park our rig; RV cooking is healthier than RV living because it puts fewer demands on our time.

RV travel means I can start a business from anywhere in the world, RV internet makes this possible for me RV life would give us the chance to learn new trades and skills – RV mechanic work, boondocking/dry camping skills, solar power installation…

RV traveling means that we get to eat better and cook at home more often. RV living is about learning how to get along with each other again (a common complaint of long-term marriage). RV living would allow friends and family from across the country or around the globe to come to visit us wherever we are!

RV travel gives us an opportunity to discover things about ourselves that we never knew about RV living because RV parks are cheaper than hotels RV travel means that we can meet amazing people from all over the world! RV neighbourhoods mean less stress and more time for us to do what we want RV life helps build character.

RV camping teaches you how to be independent RV traveling would open up a whole new world of culture and history within our own country. RV living offers us an opportunity to live in small towns with friendly, welcoming locals. RV-ing gives us an opportunity to learn new skills in repairing our rigs (electronics, plumbing, wiring) and saving money on fixing them RV traveling could be a good way to save money and plan for retirement?

A traveling RV lifestyle means taking the RV to national parks where RV camping is allowed and allows us to be happier, healthier and more in tune with nature RV traveling optimizes our personal time 🙂

I want to live in my RV full-time now because it means I can travel the country at my own leisure. RV-ing gives me the opportunity to spend more time with family and allow parents to take their children with them on road trips! RV living would mean that we spend less time indoors and more outside doing fun things.