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Planning An RV Trip, What Accessories Will I Need?

  • Date: August 23, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Here are some products that might help make your trip more enjoyable

Are you in the process of planning a cross-country RV trip to see the United States firsthand? Or, are you in the process of planning a long-distance road trip for work or to visit friends and family? If you are, you will want to consider what accessories you couldn’t be without. There are a number of benefits to traveling long distances in a motor home. These benefits include self-sufficiency, personal comfort. flexibility, and having home-style creature comforts while on the move.

  1. Laptop
  2. Engine flat battery booster/starter
  3. Cooler Fridge
  4. Tire inflator
  5. Portable 120/240volt Inverter
  6. LED Torch/Lantern
  7. USB Insect killer
  8. Rechargeable battery Bank to help top up laptops and phones
  9. SatNAv
  10. Portable Speaker

20 more Important gadgets that might come in handy:

As nice as it is to hear that traveling by RV is a great way to travel long distances and with large families, many are unsure about doing so. One of the biggest concerns is the cost of buying an RV. If you are interested in traveling by RV, but cannot afford the cost of owning one, you still have options. RV rentals are an affordable way to gain access to a motor home. With that being said, RV rentals can get expensive if you are not careful. For that reason, five helpful tips for RV renters are highlighted below.

1 – 12v blanket for those chilly nights when leaving the cab heat on isn’t practical.

This is a fantastic way to keep yourself warm while you sleep. The blanket designed to provide a subtle but sufficient level of warmth from your 12v habitation system. Many travelers use them when the camper is hooked up to shore power, and the blanket remains connected to the 12v supply from the Leisure battery. Most nomads prefer using 12v heated blankets than having the costly habitation heating on all night unless it is really cold!
(It is not advised to run your blanket on a standard car battery as it will only operate for a short time and cause your vehicle not to start afterward).

2 – 12v Kettle, the perfect accessory to keep in your RV for those long road trips.

12V car kettles are brilliant for taking a rest on any lengthy trip. It,s always good to treat yourself to a comfort break when on long journeys. 12v Kettles can connect to your 12v car type socket, or directly wired via a fuse to your auxiliary RV system giving you hot refreshments on your route. There are a variety of travel electric kettles and heated cups, always check the voltage before connecting to your RV.

3 – USB Wireless – Bluetooth IP Camera for added security.

Because your RV is constantly moving, you will not be able to rely on a local internet connection. IP Cameras using cellular connections can be operated via an app with push-features and cloud storage used by your mobile phone which enables remote vehicle viewing for safety. Many travelers use these cameras to monitor pets while away from their rigs. Features to consider would be reliable power, the ability to be directly wired to your in-house 12v system. Ease of installation should be a priority, consider a simple suction cup mount for interchangeable positions or a more permanent installation that will not drop inadvertently. Motion detection and night vision are definitely essential due to the ever-changing environment you are in.

5 – 12v LED Navigation or map reading light, a must gadget for keeping on track.

LED reading lights, bedside lamp, or RV navigation light, these low power consumption appliances are worth their weight in gold. There are many types of light, some which mount above your head and some which have 360 degree flexible gooseneck clamps for multiple functions and uses.

4 – 12v adapters and cables for charging all your devices while on the move.

You can power almost all your portable devices via the 12v power supply provided by your RV. The cigarette socket delivers the fastest possible 12v power output required by each of your connected devices, (please check your user guide for socket power rating to make sure you are charging efficiently while on the move. You can charge almost any mobile device that supports the USB 1.2 Battery Charging Specification.

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