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Which 12v Roof Vent Fan Is Best For RV’s & Motorhomes?

  • Date: July 3, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

By supplying a constant flow of air into an area, a roof vent fan works by helping to extract overheated air and moisture from the habitation area to reduce the effect of changing temperatures and conditions of moisture both inside and outside the vehicle. The system that allows air ventilation to take place consists of strategically placed intake vents and exhaust vents. You have to decide how much CFM of airflow in relation to the size of your living area. (CFM, Cubic Feet per Minute. CFM measures the volume of air in cubic feet for each minute it moves. In the case of a roof fan, CFM indicates how much air the fan can move per minute.)

Key points for using a 12V Roof Vent Fan

  • At least every few years, you should check your roof ventilation system for any damage caused by the weather such as cracks, loose vents, or sealant around vents that have failed, broken or missing.
  • Inspection of the inner section of the roof panel is also necessary to ensure effective performance. Check for anything such as leaves or other debris that might block the vent. 
  • Don’t forget to examine the surrounding insulation of your roof vent. Validate if the vehicle insulation is in good condition and is properly positioned so that your motorhome is well-insulated against changes in outdoor temperatures.

Best 12V Roof Vent Fans

There are many 12V roof vent fans available in the market but only a few of them are the best for use. Here, some of the best 12V roof vents are given:

  1. Ventline RV Vents and Fans – V2119-601-00 Get it here

This powerful roof vent fan provides the ultimate comfort for ventilating motor homes and enclosed trailers. A remote wall switch operates with a fan and a wedge-shaped, plastic vent cover.


  • Its electric fan yields better air circulation than non-powered models and exhausts hot air while the recreational vehicle remains secure.
  • It has a Power lift that opens and closes the cover which eliminates hand cranking.
  • It is very simple to upgrade from a non-powered model.
  • Its snap-out screen is easy to clean.
  • Fan and power lift use only 12-volt.


  • Fan & lift Voltage: 12-volt DC
  • Fan capacity: 100 CFM
  • Rough opening size: 14-1/4″ x 14-1/4″
  • Vent extends above roof: 4-1/2″ Closed 10″ Open
  1. MaxxFan Dome Plus Roof Vent Fan, Get it here

It has a LED manual lift roof vent that eliminates unwanted hot air and moisture from the kitchen or bathroom of your RV. When the vent is closed, the fan circulates air like a ceiling fan. In any type of weather, the integrated rain shield enables you to open the vent.


  • Compact roof vent with fan controls ventilation and moisture 
  • 12-Volt fan exhausts not only hot air but also removes moisture.
  • Its fancy LED light gives you a convenient night light or accent light.


  • Fits: roofs 1″ to 6″ thick
  • Fan diameter: 6″
  • Vent height: When closed: 2-15/16″ When opened: 3-7/8″
  • Voltage: 12V

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